T-Bone (talkoutloudto17) wrote in un_complete,

You can't do this to me,
no longer am I going to let you hurt me.
I don't belong in your world,
so why can't you let me go.
We were never meant to be can't you see that.
Stop thinking you know me
when you can't even make it pass my face to see my heart.
Don't believe everything you hear about the untouched soul.
Can't you see the truth though a lie.
I can no longer live like this,
the world I always belong to is falling apart right before my eyes
and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
Even though I can't be there for you right now,
just remember and never forget I will always love you!
The pain is too much to have at once.
God how could you let this happen,
you told me that you would always be there for me
and all I had to do was call out your name.
Why does it seem like you lied.
Where are you now when it seems as if I can't go on.
Can you hear my cries though the smile on my face.
Don't you care what happens to your child.

Forget them, Forget all the people who said you can't
believe in yourself like no one else.
You can make the world see the real you even
if it means you have to die on the inside.
You maybe tried, worn out and barely able to stand.
Know and never forget joy will come in the morning,
even if it seems like the rain is never going to stop.
Run to God for only then can things be made right.

Even though some times in your life may be hard now, know that God is their holding you up this His right hand. Let God hold your hand though your test, don't let go for then you will be lost. Keep the faith and never give up on your dreams.

-CHRISTINE (talkoutloudto17)
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