T-Bone (talkoutloudto17) wrote in un_complete,

Can't understand how I let something like this happen.
I had my whole life planed out,
and now all of my hopes and dreams
are falling apart and there is non thing
I can do to bring them back together.
Why can't I run from it, maybe it can find me.
I no longer know who I am, only what I have become.
I just wanted someone to love me for who I thought I was,
but now they are all gone. I am here along,
lost and helpless with no one to run to for help.
What I have become is what my parent thought I would never be.
I am living in two different world.
One I want to be apart of the other I hated,
but I can't bring myself to get away from it.
The one I loves is the one who took advag of me
and now I do not understand why I ever put my trust in someone like you.
I am tried of getting hurt,
being along with no one to love me.
My heart will never be the same,
I am closing the door of my heart
and I am going to thew away the key.
Under this smile my world is coming down and
there is no one here to hold it up.
I am trying to hold on,
but is it to late to have the life I love back.
All I ever wanted I thought I had,
but now I know the truth,
I was living a lie.
Can things ever be the same between us.
I thought that you really loved me,
but now I know you only wanted one thing,
if only I would have known why you said
you wanted to be with me.
We would never have been together.
How could I have let this happen to myself.
I thought I told you I was not that kind of girl.
I thought I could trust you.
I believed you.
But now you have lost my trust and can't have ot back.
Love is something that will only end up making you fall,
if you don't stand for what you believe in.
Don't let Him change you mind.
Be yourself and never let go of the one thing
you can never get back.
Think it though and just don't let it happen to you!!!!!!!!!

So a lot of things have been going on in my life right now, but I know with God's help every thing is going to work out and be ok. It does not look that way now. Everything is going wrong, just as it looks like the sun is shine it begins to rain.

I just wanted to say Thanks to all of my friends who has been praying for me, talking to me and just being there. Thanks! Hope I see all of you soon. Bye!!

Never forget God Love you, more than you can ever know.

-Yours Always- CHRISTINE (talkoutloudto17)
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