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hey, i havent posted in here in a very long time but i need advise. if u remeber me i was a cutter and i was haveing trouble stopping but i did. but now all of my friends turn to me with there cutting problems and suicide problems 2 of my friends recently commeted suicide and one said they loved me the other blamed it on me. one of my friends really has nooone she can trust with secrets other than me. i promised her that i wouldnt tell anyone something if she told me wut was wrong, she showed me her wrist she had cut herself a bunch of times for the first time. she said she used a pin. she said she couldnt think of anyone that would care and i reasured her that i cared and that i was there for her. its really bothering me not tellign anyone, because i keep seeing mroe cuts and they look deeper nad ther only on her wrist. i have never broken a promise in my life nad i have never told a secret other than now i really think this is getting sereouse and i dont no if i should tell someone that can help her or not. all my friends are starting to come with me for advise becuase they think i can get them threw it i no i am strong but i dont think i am strong enough to help all of them, not only am i trying to help them but im tryin got figh off bad visions i have about me cutting it seems all my dreams are about when i was cutting and my scars have never really shown anymore after i stoped but now they do. and i keep haveign there urges to cut and it is getting really hard not to someone please give me advise on wut to do.
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