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am i the only person who writes anything in here

i know it's kind of the typical teenage thing to say, but what can i say, i'm a typical teenager. MUSIC COMPLETES ME. my favorite band is sublime, i've been listening to them since before i could speak, my brother would drink and whatnot and the sublime would be on. I loved my brother best because he always had time for me when my mom had to work and my sister always shooed me away. we would sit and listen to sublime. Now whenever i just feel like shit (or don't) it always just gets me off my ass and ready to go start whatever mischief i can motivate myself to take part in. when i'm in trouble and my mom takes away all my c.d.s i have a little radio and i'll tune into the classical music station. i don't know, any teenager will tell you how much they love music. why does anyone like music? it's coz we relate.

one good thing about music. when it hits you you feel no pain.

yours truly
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