Nikki (lildummmyboat) wrote in un_complete,

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okay if i dont see 5 posts here within one week (no promotions) this community will be SHUT DOWN.

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I've posted, but I often get the feeling no one bothers to read the posts, so I stopped.
i will try, no worries.. i enjoy this community
Why shut it down if the posts aren't that fequent? Giving people a place to vent feelings is one of the most noble things you can do, deleting it just because its not the most popular place on earth seems a little...over the top.
agree... not all good things are popular things. and not all popular things are good things. I say stay. when I have something to vent about, but I don't want it as my journal, I put it here. Plus, I like to read what peeps post. it's a good place here. keep it.
don't leave me when I just joined @_@! -=gaspses=-